Insta Response™

Insta Response - Coordinated safety of tomorrow

The Insta Response product family offers innovative and emerging solutions for public safety and security organisations. All organisations, ranging from small safety organisations to the national level of authority co-operation network, benefit from Insta Response’s novel technology.

Insta Response is a unique product family that caters to the needs of all actors in the public safety field. It provides advanced solutions for the various and demanding requirements of emergency response centres, emergency services, police, border guard, emergency medical services, and emergency social services as well as of the alarm centers, monitoring centers and alike.

The Insta Response product family is a unified platform, which is comprised of different functional parts. The user discovers this as an easy-to-use, seamless teamwork capability - also across organisational borders.

Insta Response products support the open interfaces that are used by security authorities. This enables connecting to other systmes as well. By taking the Insta Response product family into use, the development of authority operations is shifted to a cost-effective direction as respurces are handled in a coordinated manner.