Insta Response

Meeting the needs of command and control rooms

Insta Response provides integrated command and on-call tools for command and control room use. Insdta Response is built to support real-time 24/7 operations and to be available every minute of the day. Insta Response can be networked with other Insta Response systems as well as other solutions in the product family.

Insta Response has been designed to meet the critical needs of command and control rooms of public and private safety and security that operates in real time 24/7. Insta Response has been optimised to serve the emergency response centres in call-handling, task monitoring and management as well as the needs of the police, emergency services, emergency medical services, the border security and private sector command and situation rooms. Several command and control rooms can be networked in such a manner that work loads are automatically balanced and situational awareness shared among the various centres.


  • Insta Response searches quickly for the most suitable call-taker of emergency calls. If a suitable call-taker cannot be found within the centre, the system extends the search to other centres in the network, fully automatically, if needed.
  • Easier and faster identification of emergency calls regarding the same emergency or event – immediately upon receipt of a call, Insta Response will analyse whether the events have factors that may make the calls related.
  • More efficient situation assessment and task type determination. Insta Response provides a dynamic multi-authority situation assessment tool, which integrates the task types of all authorities into the same tool.
  • The need to maintain regional preparedness is taken into account. This prevents the formation of different types of voids in the field.
  • Enhanced field communications, as the system guides the use of data communication increasingly toward field units. This reduces the need for voice communication of commands and the associated memory load as well.
  • The user is offered all of the necessary features via a single user interface, which offers a finely honed, uniform, and intuitive user experience.

Highlights of the system


Integrated communication

  • Multi-channel call-handling
  • Co-operation and collaboration
  • Field communications
  • Public communications

 Coordinated Call Taking and Computer Aided Dispatching

  • Multi-authority situation assessment and decision support
  • Integrated risk analysis
  • Dynamic response determination
  • Multi-channel dispatching
  • Evaluation of related emergency calls and tasks

A common situation picture

  • Unit information
  • Task management
  • Command capability management

Field support

  • Information and registry searches
  • Occupational safety
  • Context based guiding