Insta Response Logistics helps you to:

  • Cut down costs in transportations by utilizing different resources wisely
  • Gain situation awareness of all transportations
  • React quickly to changing transportation needs without risking safety critical transportations and deteriorating utilization rate.

Insta Response Logistics may be used as a standalone system or as a part of a larger Insta Response installation.

Insta Response Logistics is also available as a service.

Transportation units may be contacted via SMS, TETRA or Data connection, hence no additional communication infrastructure for units is required.

Insta Response Logistics provides most help when there are several resources to use for several transportation tasks.

The plan can be laid out manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

Insta Response Logistics helps manual planning by calculating estimated duration for each task.

Automatic planning optimizes transportation task execution according to desired variables, e.g. utilization rate or distance driven by the units.

Some of the manually planned tasks may be locked and let Insta Response Logistics optimize the execution of the rest.

Different plans may be compared before starting to execute one.

Insta Response Logistics provides tools to create and receive transportation requests:

  • Request may be done also over the web and own requests’ status may be followed by the requester

Insta Response Logistics has also tools to:

  • Plan and arrange transportations for resources (manually, automatically)
  • Dispatch units based on an executable plan (e.g. with SMS, TETRA)
  • Follow up plan execution (map, Gantt chart)
  • Modify the plan in execution (if an urgent transportation occurs)