Preparedness Planner

Insta Response Preparedness Planner introduces a new, intuitive and effective way to act in case of an unexpected emergency situation. The actions proposed to the user are following a set of pre-defined narratives, which are based on risk analysis of the operating environment and maintained as a continuous improvement process.

With integration of external data sources such as resource databases and systems providing elements of situational awareness, the decisions are based on facts about the characteristics of the situation as well as on up-to-date information related to availability and capabilities of the resources needed for mitigation actions.

The fully integrated situation assessment simplifies and normalizes the user’s interaction with the procedures while it enables comprehensive documentation of the gathered information and user actions.

Insta Response Preparedness Planner is a software solution intended to help decision makers to act according to pre-defined plans in case of an unexpected large-scale emergency situations.

Contingency planning is based on risk analysis, i.e. identification and classification the risks, threats and vulnerabilities which may have an impact on critical functions of the society, organization or facility.

The identified scenarios can be described as a path consisting of decision points.

Each decision point describes a single phenomenon which is likely to occur in a certain scenario path.

The situation assessment is based on predefined narratives, i.e. the contingency plans. User selects the most suitable plan and starts to execute it. Plan instructs the user to describe the situation with all the relevant details. Each answer may place a capability need to be further given as an output to response calculation or provide an instruction to the user to take some immediate action or to check some specific detail which may be crucial to the development of the situation.

The situation assessment can be further enhanced with registry searches or elements of situation awareness, which improve the understanding of the unfolding situation. As an output, the situation assessment phase provides list of capabilities required to mitigate the situation as well as instructions for communications and further actions.

  • Establishment of a unified situation assessment procedure.
  • Optimized utilization of the resources
  • Continuous improvement of the operational procedures
  • Versatility of the system: the scenario model can be applied to any domain of contingency planning.

From the users point of view Insta Response Preparedness Planner enables user to:

  • Do swift and accurate situation assessment
  • Determine the most appropriate responses and actions to be taken
  • Document all the taken actions for later analysis and reporting