Incident Assessor

Insta Response Incident Assessor enables you to:

  • Do swift and accurate situation and risk analysis and get valid and accurate classification of incidents
  • Unify your incident assessment process
  • Quickly determine the most appropriate responses and actions to be taken
  • Instruct the operator and units on the fly with instructions to the caller, instructions on the scene etc.
  • Document all the taken actions for later analysis and reporting

Insta Response Incident Assessor may be used ass a standalone system or as a part of a larger Insta Response installation.

Insta Response Incident Assessor is also available as a service (SaaS).


  • Location information
  • Call related information
  • Other information

Incident Assessor

  • Information input
  • Information processing
  • Registry searches
  • Manual unit selection


  • Task classification
  • Required capabilties
  • Instructions
  • All other information
  • Units to be dispatched(*)
  • Required traits(*)
  • Response quality(*)

(*) Only if integrated with response determination.

Insta Response Incident Assessor provides the tools to create, manage and use:

  • Individual risk analyses
  • Risk assessment hierarchy
  • Individual response models
  • Response model hierarchy

Insta Response Incident Assessor has also tools to:

  • Simulate and test the risk analyses
  • Simulate and test the response models
  • Simulate different field unit configurations