Insta Response Field

Insta Response Field provides innovative field command tools for units working in the field in demanding conditions. Critical information can be communicated via a reliable authority network, if available, while functions requiring more bandwidth use a commercial network.

When Insta Response is used at the emergency response and command centre level and Insta Response Field in the field, both products provide the fullest possible benefit. The joint use of the products brings true cost-efficiency and added value for ensuring citizens’ safety.

Operating in the field

Insta Response Field can receive various types of information from the host system, and task-related information can be entered and updated via Insta Response Field directly from the scene of operation. Searches in authority registers and similar field support functions can be carried out directly in the field. This further reduces the need for voice communication between operators and field units, speeds up operations, and releases the operators to focus on their priority tasks. Special attention has been paid to guarantee that the system performs well under unusual conditions.

Automatic reporting provides more time for core operations 

Insta Response Field logs all information generated during a work shift and enables automatic reporting at shift end. With the aid of Insta Response Field, unnecessary and redundant work for field units can be reduced – so that, instead of paperwork, they can focus on their primary mission of upholding safety.

  • Insta Response Field integrates seamlessly command and control rooms with field units. This enables faster and more efficient operations.


  • Insta Response Field is designed especially for demanding conditions, which enables efficient use in the field.


  • Insta Response Field provides a number of supporting features for different functions such as occupational safety, shift reporting and legal protection. These features enable Insta Response Field users to focus on their main priority – the safety of citizens.


Field command

  • Task information
  • Resource management
  • Situation picture

Co-operation tools

  • Chat
  • Ad-hoc information sharing
  • Media streaming


  • Work shift reporting
  • Add-on capability for external forms


  • Insta Response database searches
  • Registry searches