Insta Response Portal

Insta Response Portal is an information sharing portal designed for public safety and security authorities and their partners. When integrated into an Insta Response system, the portal provides continuous access to data stores and enables administrative personnel to view and manage information in the system.

Common information management for a common safety situation picture

The portal has been designed to facilitate the administration of basic information such as unit composition and work shifts, response plans, officer and vehicle information.

Insta Response Portal can be used for information sharing and processing within an organisation. Further, it is an excellent frame for co-operation among several organisations. Multiple public safety and security authorities can monitor and administrate the common safety situation picture. If data about the safety resources were scattered in different systems, it would not be possible to create a common situation picture – at least not as conveniently as with Insta Response Portal.

  • A common and widely shared situation picture improves co-operation between actors.


  • Insta Response Portal enables each public safety and security organisation to manage its information by itself. This reduces the need for faxes and voice communication as well as the number of information errors.


  • Gathering information on operations from a broader field enables compilation of statistics and subsequent reporting and analysis. This can aid in finding bottlenecks in the process and improve in-house operations.

Highlights of the system


Sharing of information with authorities and partners

  • Resource situation picture
  • Task situation picture
  • Emergency situation picture

Basic information management

  • Work shifts
  • Unit information
  • Risk analysis hierarchy and risk analyses
  • Response plans
  • Response plan testing
  • Registers

Operations Development add-on

  • Reporting
  • Statistics
  • Analysis