New product launched: Insta SafeLink VPN Client (Insta SLC)


Insta has launched a new product, Insta SafeLink VPN Client (Insta SLC), to the Insta SafeLink product family.

Insta SLC extends the current Insta SafeLink concept of providing secure connections between LAN networks across an unsecured WAN network. It provides a secure VPN connection from a single computer through the unsecured WAN network to LAN networks protected by Insta SafeLink VPN Gateways. This enables using services available in the LAN network from any point in the WAN.

The product is designed to be an integral part of the Insta SafeLink system. It shares the common network and security management solution, providing e.g. automatic generation of configuration packages based on desired connections between the Insta SLC and the LAN networks. Once the configuration package is installed, the defined networks and services become automatically available to the Insta SLC user.

Insta SLC is software based and runs on a standard PC computer, for example a laptop. To ensure a high level of information security, Insta delivers the product only on verified hardware and software platforms. A typical usage scenario is a hardened, field-proof laptop computer installed on a mobile environment, for example on a vehicle.

Insta SafeLink VPN Client brings the range of possible Insta SafeLink applications to a new level by offering a compact distributed access solution for individual users or environments with a limited installation space.