Emergency Response Centre Administration

 ERICA, the new ERC information system uses solutions from the Insta Response product family. This involves a challenging system delivery for a demanding multi-authority environment. The information system will be introduced in 2015.


The system brings seamless co-operation among authorities 


By utilising the Insta Response products, all authorities operating in the ERC chain will have access to the same information. This reform addresses a situation in which 15 separate systems have been used that do not communicate with each other. The new system is unique on a global scale, enabling seamless co-operation for all parties involved in the 112 operations chain (the ERC Administration, the police, rescue departments, health and social services, and the Border Guard).


Insta Response meets strict quality requirements 


Extremely strict quality and reliability requirements were applied in evaluation of the Insta Response product entity. A system entity that is vital for the functioning of society deserves no less. The requirements include solid information security as well as ability to function also in situations of congestion and amid disturbance and other unusual conditions.

For example, the Insta Response system enables the forwarding of emergency calls to another centre in the event of congestion, without significant delays. In addition, the system will accelerate the delivery of assistance by providing more support for the reception of emergency notifications as well as the handling and conveyance of tasks. Eliminating overlap in functions and clarifying the process of receiving and handling emergency notifications improve cost-efficiency significantly.

The new national ERC information system will be introduced in 2016 – 2017. At the moment, each ERC has its own independent information system.

The ultimate goal of the information system reform is to create a national information system shared by all parties involved in ERC operations (police, rescue services, social services, health care services and the Border Guard).

The new information system will route emergency calls nationwide. An emergency call will primarily be routed to the ERC closest to the caller, but if that ERC is overloaded or unable to answer for some other reason, the system will find a free ERC operator at another ERC.

Finnish Emergency Response Centre Administration

Responda 113

Responda 113 Oy provides 24/7 control room, camera surveillance, alarm receiving centre and command centre services for both the private and public sectors. Notifications are received from sensors and a variety of detectors such as crime and fire detectors as well as from voice calls. Responda utilizes widely Insta Response products in automating and making the control room operations effective.

Responda is a joint venture of Insta DefSec Oy and Tabula Oy.

”Responda 113 provides 24/7 alarm receiving center and command center services for both the private and public sectors. We take care of real time alarm monitoring and situation management of the locations or actions under our surveillance. 113 utilizes the latest technology available on the market and combines different surveillance services in one place.

The technology used by 113 is based on the Insta Response system produced by Insta Defsec. In Responda 113, notifications are received from sensors and a variety of detectors such as crime and fire detectors.

Our services consist of, for example, receiving notifications, task follow-up, shift management and reporting. We take responsibility and manage, for example, security service alarms; operate as the command center for the field force, and convey the information needed regarding incidents. Command Center services are also suitable for controlling property maintenance, building automation and other mobile units.”

Hansel Oy

Insta has been chosen by Hansel Oy, the central procurement unit of the Finnish Government, as a preferred supplier for information security consulting.

Numerous other organisations with high security requirements