Insta Certifier to Thales’s list of supported applications


Insta Certifier CA product is now on list of applications supported by Thales HSMs (Hardware Security Module). The listed applications have been verified comply with interfaces used by Thales’s nShield HSM product line (Connect, Solo and Edge).

Insta has years of experience of Thales’s HSMs. For example, we have developed a high security CA solution for critical applications, where Insta Certifier is connected to a Thales HSM for strong key protection. The solution is widely used by authorities and security critical enterprises, e.g. in telecom and finance sectors.

Since 2012, Insta has been Thales’s ASAP (Alliance for Solution and Application Providers) partner. The partnership provides a good framework for constant development of our products and ensuring compliance, enabling us to offer competitive solutions with a long life-cycle for our customers. Insta is also an official reseller of Thales HSMs in Finland.

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