Insta DefSec has sold its waveform business


Insta DefSec and Patria have agreed on a business transaction where Insta DefSec’s waveform business including five persons are transferred to Patria on 1.9.2013. These persons will be transferred to Patria with no changes in their terms of employment.

Insta and Patria have a long history of co-operation in the area of data links. Waveform development is one of the key elements in this area. The transaction aims to strengthen and improve the competitiveness of the Finnish data link expertise by combining the complementing capabilities of Patria and Insta into a single entity. The transaction has no other effects on the companies.

Patria is actively involved in the international co-operation related to unmanned systems and foresees new opportunities for the MPNDL (Multi-Purpose Networking Data Link) system that completed its first unmanned flights in the summer of 2012. The transaction enhances Patria’s possibilities to develop new business in the field of unmanned systems.


Timo Hammar, Vice President, phone +358 40 7092 090, or Erkki Hartikka, Director, phone +358 40 7092 770,