Insta's information system business has grown significantly


Insta's information system business has grown significantly

Insta DefSec Oy is to supply Finland's new emergency response centre information system ERICA. The biggest contracts in Insta's history, worth a total value of over EUR 50 million, were signed with the Emergency Response Centre Administration in June 2011. The deal includes the delivery phase of the new ERICA information system (2011–2015) as well as the service operation phase which is to be maintained for the first six years of the system's life cycle (2016–2021). The total value of the delivery phase contract is approximately EUR 30 million, while the costs for service operation total approximately EUR 25 million.

Supplying the ERICA system and service operation is strategically important to Insta. The deal is an excellent reference for Insta's expertise and products, both in Finland and abroad. Such an extensive supply of services to security authorities has never taken place in Finland before.

"The contract model is groundbreaking in terms of critical systems used by Finnish security authorities," says Timo Hammar, Vice President of Insta DefSec Oy from the Defence and Security Solutions business unit.

The solution provided by Insta includes several technical and functional innovations that are not currently used by Insta’s competitors. The brand-new innovations combined with a strong Finnish reference have also attracted widespread interest from European security authorities. The extent of the deal is unusual, even from an international perspective.

Insta believes that the addition of the ERICA information system to the already internationally recognized cooperation model between Finnish authorities has all the elements of a successful export product.

A miniature emergency response centre has been useful for development and testing

Insta will complete the development and deployment phase of the ERICA system with full liability by the end of 2015. The ERICA system will run at an availability level of 99.996 %.

"Insta has over 20 years of experience and solid expertise in the development of command and control systems with the Finnish Defence Forces. Expanding our operations to where we develop information systems to enable cooperation between different authorities has been a natural direction for our company," Hammar tells.

The ERICA information system project has now been underway for over a year and since day one it has been based on agile methods. The customer works on the same premises, in close cooperation with Insta's personnel. For the purposes of testing and training, a miniature emergency response centre has been built within Insta's premises in Tampere. Modern operating models enable transparency throughout the project and the customer is constantly able to affect the development of the system.

Changes in the environment require new solutions

The Strategy for Security in Society requires that crisis management capabilities are developed and the activities of authorities are coordinated. The needs of citizens and the authorities who use the emergency response centre services have increased. In addition, both the operating models and the supporting information systems must be updated to ensure that further technical developments and changes in the environment have been considered.

"The core idea behind our business is to build a safe society, which for us means developing critical information systems. It is great to see that our strong expertise can be utilized in other sectors of security besides the Defence Forces", says Hammar.

The requirements for the ERICA system have been specified in cooperation with the Emergency Response Centre Administration, rescue services, the police, health and social services as well as the Finnish Border Guard. The solution integrates the functionalities required by the emergency response centres and other authorities' control rooms.

The main development aims for the information system environment are to improve the usability and reliability of the system, support the decision-making process, reliably and quickly locate emergency calls, develop reporting and statistical functions and finally, to improve the management of real-time location and status information for different units.

ERICA is based on the Insta Response product line

The ERICA includes the execution architecture, ICT contingency plans, equipment, database and application solution, an emergency communication solution, an authority radio network interface as well as training. ERICA is based on the Insta Response product line which consists of three seamlessly compatible products. The Insta Response Portal is an information sharing portal designed for security authorities and their partners. Insta Response CC has been designed to support the real-time operations of security authorities' command and control rooms, while Insta Responder provides innovative field command tools for units working in demanding field conditions.

With the help of these three products, Insta is able to develop solutions for security authorities from strategic management to the management of field operations. The products have been optimized to support the reception of emergency calls, task monitoring and management as well as to serve the needs of the police, rescue and emergency medical services as well as the border security command and situation analysis rooms.

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Read the ERC Administration´s press rease (in Finnish)