Insta and Dutch Fox-IT partnership enables Insta to provide Fox-IT’s DataDiodes and complete systems in Finland


Solutions based on data diodes enable secure and controlled one-way data transfer between different security domains. Typical applications include file transfer, database mirroring and secure, automated relay of Windows and antivirus updates to high security environments.

In Industrial Control Systems (ICS), data diodes reliably prevent attacks on critical production processes while enabling production and monitoring data to be transferred into corporate networks.

”By combining Fox-IT’s products with Insta’s  solutions and services for information and cyber security, we are able to offer even better overall solutions to our customers. A concrete example is Insta’s Secure gateway solution, in which we combine Fox-IT DataDiodes to our world class expertise” says Marko Hautakangas, Director of Insta’s information security business.

“We are pleased to have recently signed a Reseller agreement with Insta. They impressed us with their breath of security knowledge, as well as having a loyal customer base. We are confident in a successful partnership and having Insta introduce our high security technology solutions into the Finnish market” says Mr. Peter C. Geytenbeek, International Sales Director of Fox-IT.

Fox-IT is a privately owned Dutch cyber security company founded in 1999. The company develops solutions for demanding cyber and information security needs. Many European governmental and critical infrastructure organisations rely on Fox-IT DataDiode solutions.

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Further information also available on Fox-IT’s homepage and DataDiode page.